Introductory Rides


The Lomond Roads Cycling Club are starting a new venture to encourage new and inexperienced riders to get out on their bikes. On the first Saturday of every month a club run will depart from Kilbowie rbt at 0930, lead by an experienced member who will offer advice, assistance and instruction in club riding. The runs will be shorter in distance than the main run which will still leave at the same time. The run will still be on the road but may utilise some paths and will meet up at the cafe stop with the main group. It will be a more sociable pace aimed at riders who have a basic ability but are a bit apprehensive about group riding and the pace and distance of the run. The distance and route will vary every month but will be between 20 and 40 miles. No one will be left behind.


This run is aimed at those with a little riding experience and designed to introduce them into group cycling and etiquette. It will be taken at a lesuirely pace by an experienced club rider and meet up with the main group for some famous cycle chat. Ultimately the aim is to bring riders into the main group when they are ready and able.


For details of the next introductory run, view the club runs page or alternatively contact us.