Club Events 2016

The series of confined club events for this year are as follows:


Date Time Event Course Results

Thursday 14th

7:15pm 7.2 Mile TT No. 1 Houston Road  
Thursday 21st 7:30pm 10 Mile TT No. 1 West Ferry  
Thursday 28th 7:30pm 10 Mile TT No. 2 Luss  
Thursday 5th 7:30pm 10 Mile TT No. 3 West Ferry  
Thursday 12th 7:30pm 10 Mile TT No. 4 Luss  
Sunday 22nd 9:00am Lochside 25 Mile TT Lochside - Tarbet  
Thursday 30th 7:30pm 10 Mile TTT West Ferry  
Thursday 14th 7:30pm Hilly TT Glen Fruin Haul Road  
Sunday 24th 9:00am 3 Lochs TT 3 Lochs from Helensburgh  
Thursday 11th 7:30pm 10 Mile TT No. 4 West Ferry  
Thursday 25th 7:30pm 7.2 Mile TT No. 2 Houston Road  
Date TBC

Will be a Saturday am as part of a club run.
Hill Climb